This Company has a clear environmental policy and a clear environmental purchasing policy for wood and wood products.
The Timber Trade Federation and Forests Forever have drafted these policies.
The Environmental policy is based on two founding principles: Forests, forest functions and products, including wood, contribute to human well-being world-wide. Every country including the UK must value its forests and strive for equity in access to the benefits which forest provides. The ultimate responsibility for forest policy lies within the sovereign Government people of individual forested countries. They have the task of balancing environmental, economic, social and political needs. Nevertheless this Company believes that the UK timber industry has a responsibility to its customers, suppliers and staff to base its commercial activities on properly managed forests.
In acknowledging these principles:

This Company is committed to sustainable forest management and will make all reasonable effort to promote progress in environmental issues to meet social and economic requirement.

This Company encourages the use of woods as an environmentally acceptable material and is constantly seeking beneficial ways to reduce wood waste and to utilise residues.

This Company expects to review and if necessary extend its policy as a result of future recommendations within the industry, and especially standards which may be specified by The Timber Trade Federation and Forests Forever.

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